About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Give Hope Foundation is to provide hope, relief and financial assistance to Northern Nevada families who have children battling a chronic illness. Give Hope is a funding platform to assist these families in sustaining their basic human needs during a traumatic life-changing period by providing funds for housing, uncovered medical expenses, utilities, food and other expenses necessary to maintain a stable home for the child. In addition, Give Hope also provides travel/housing reimbursements to/from specialized treatments out of state.

Since its inception in 2001, Give Hope has assisted over 325 families in Northern Nevada, focusing on the child, not the illness. Most local and national foundations assisting children with illnesses are limited to focus on a single illness. At the Give Hope Foundation, we are not limited in this area and we have the ability to help many families who might otherwise fall through the cracks. The child's and the family's ability to cope with the illness is our number one priority.

Our History

In early 2001, one of its founding members was asked to inaugurate a fund raising golf tournament in Reno to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The Foundation has since evolved into its own non-profit foundation with two primary annual fundraising events to provide funds for families in Northern Nevada with children battling chronic illnesses. Since the foundation's primary source of revenue, an annual golf tournament, auction and gala, debuted in 2002 as a benefit for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the Give Hope Foundation has shifted its fundraising focus to the local Northern Nevada community and the needs of our own children here.

In early 2005, Give Hope's volunteer committee believed that it was time to formalize our foundation and formed its own nonprofit corporation, The Give Hope Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Continuing to operate by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, the Give Hope Foundation now administers all distribution of funds and continues its fund raising efforts through the annual golf tournament, held in June and the annual Festival & Auction, held in October.

Through its annual fundraising events, the Give Hope Foundation has cumulatively raised over $711,321 with the majority of the funds staying in our local community to help northern Nevada families and a small percentage allocated to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and Oakland's Children Hospital.

Each year, Give Hope dedicated 90 percent of the fundraising proceeds to local Nevada families and 10 percent to Children's Hospital Oakland, where the majority of our local children receive ongoing treatment.

We continue to rely on the generous support of our friends and partners, both individuals and businesses to propel us forward into the future and our mission of help those families in need.

The audited financial statements and IRS From 990 are available here.

The Facts

Give Hope began helping children in our community in 2001. The Foundation received its 501(c)(3) exemption status in 2005, and provides immediate financial assistance to families in Northern Nevada who have children battling a chronic illness.

To date, the Give Hope Foundation has assisted over 325 families and has distributed over $711,300. Our unique mission allows us to pay families expenses, such as utilities, uncovered medical expenses, travel expenses related to out of state treatment, rent/mortgage payments, and other expenses necessary to maintain the home for the child. In addition, we work collaboratively with a number of local children’s charities, some of which focus on a single illness, and as a result, we are able to fill in the gaps that other organizations cannot fulfill.

Here is a snapshot of Give Hope’s family disbursements since inception (as of 10/1/17):

1. Housing (Rent/Mortgage) - $437,629 – 51.12%
2. Medical - $176,077 – 20.57%
3. Auto/Travel - $132,382 – 15.46%
4. Utilities - $74,457 - 8.70%
5. Food - $35,563 - 4.15%

Total: $856,110

The Give Hope Foundation’s Board of Directors

Amanda Flangas - President (775) 250-2998

Shanlee Waters - Secretary/Family Navigator (775) 691-1404

David Silverman - Director

Elisabeth Hadler - Director

Courtney Garrett – Director

Erik Eigenman - Director

Alex Flangas - Legal Counsel (775) 219-9163

Brittany Capurro - Treasurer

Volunteer Chairpersons:

The Give Hope Foundation operates solely on the generosity of our Volunteer Board, Chairs and Committee members. We would like to thank our 2017 Volunteer Chairs for their hard work and commitment to our cause:

Alberta Sanchez - 2017 Fall Auction Gala Chair

Shanlee Waters  - 2017 Auction Chair

Lori Mauer - 2017 Auction Administrator