"It is so rewarding to be the volunteer Family Navigator for Give Hope. I can't express the feeling in being able to help families during a time when not only finances are overwhelming, but their stress levels in dealing with a sick child are also overwhelming. We know that we can't solve the financial burden, or cure their child, but to give them some assistance truly gives them hope. As the mother of a cancer survivor, I have personally experienced the strain that it puts on the family. I know that my experience helps me to empathize with these families and gives me such joy in being able to 'pay it forward'."
- Shanlee Waters, Family Navigator

Dean Gibb (congenital heart defect)

Dean is 2 years old. Give Hope’s assistance helps the family make Dean their #1 priority.

Armando Mayoral

We are happy to have helped Armando Mayoral and his family, thanks to our many supporters and donors.

Scarlett T. (Leukemia)

“Thank you guys so much for this amazing…”    Read More…

Johnny O. (heart defect)

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for him.”
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Devan S. (Stage 4 Wilms Tumor)

“I can’t thank you enough for helping us…it lifts such a huge burden of my shoulders and will allow me to focus on my daughter and not worrying about paying bills.”
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Blake P. (brain tumor/seizure disorder)

The assistance that Give Hope has provided to us helped relieve our financial burdens and has allowed us to spend our time and energy on our son’s recovery.  Thank you, Give Hope!
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Ayden R.

This is Ayden. He had open heart surgery in October 2014.  Give Hope Foundation assisted Ayden’s family by paying rent, insurance and utilities during his surgery and recovery.
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Gaven H.

“The give hope foundation is exactly what the name implies. It gave us the financial assistance we needed so we were able to focus on what is truly important, Gaven and our family…”
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Kailey G. (Prolonged QT Syndrome)

“Your help has relieved my family and I of so much stress. Now I can focus on my baby girls surgery and recovery knowing that my bills are paid.”
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Noah L. (Acute Myeloid Leukemia)

“We are so grateful for the help that is being provided by your foundation – you are working miracles!”
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Kristopher A. (Myledysplastic Syndrome)

“The Give Hope Foundation has done exactly what their name states, they have given me hope to help me stay strong through this journey…”
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Alyssa G. (Spina Bifida)

“I want to express total gratitude in giving my daughter an opportunity that she otherwise could not have.”
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Gabby G. (NPH w/ Severe Aplastic Anemia)

“Thank you so much for your support. There are not words to express our sincerest gratitude.”
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Lena N. (Severe GERD)

“We can not thank Give Hope enough for all they have done for Lena. She is a new child: she is happy, eating and feeling well for about the first time ever! We are so grateful that you gave her childhood back.”
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Madilynn M. (Otahai Syndrome)

“You don’t know how much your assistance means to us, it’s the little stuff that really makes a difference and you have really made a difference. You have given us hope and faith when our hope and faith was gone.”
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Scarlett B. (Seizure Disorder)

“We are so grateful for Give Hope. They have helped keep a roof over our heads more than once. We can’t thank them enough. Thank you! Thank You!”
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Clayton R. (Stage 4 Neuroblastoma)

“Give Hope is very true to their name, this foundation has given our family lots of hope during some of our hardest times.”
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